Every "Yeah But" is a Story

Every "Yeah But" is a Story

August 15, 20232 min read

I was listening to a podcast and heard something so simple yet so profound.

Lewis Howes was interviewing Kyle Cease and he said something I've heard so many times, but this time I REALLY heard it.

He said, "Every "yeah but..." is a story. Every "I can't because..." is a story."

Anytime you have to explain yourself or justify a reason for not doing the thing you're called to do, you are hanging on to an old story.

Those stories are LIES!

You're focused on what you may "lose" instead of what you will likely gain.

Being "realistic" is illusion and fear. It is NOT the same as being responsible.

And that's "the work". What we call self-healing, transformation, self-discovery, etc. 

Letting go of the old stories and opening up space to receive TRUTH.

Being BOLD and COURAGEOUS to do the thing you're called to do. To LOVE the way you're called to love. To BE who you're called to be.

To say YES instead of "yeah but".

What are the things you're saying "yeah but" to?

One tool I've found to be so supportive in helping me and my clients move through the lies and the "yeah buts" is breathwork. 

Breathwork silences the default mode network (DMN) which is the part of the brain where those "stories" run constantly. It's the part of the brain that's designed to protect you and keep you safe. 

The problem is that anything outside of its "comfort zone", in other words, anything new or different, is seen as "unsafe". And that keeps you stuck in old patterns, behaviors, and situations that aren't serving you.

With breathwork, when the DMN is silenced or turned down a bit, you're able to tune into your intuition and tap into new possibilities.

You begin to expand your consciousness and see things from a new perspective.

You receive clarity to take inspired action when previously fear held you back. 

The "yeah buts" become fewer and fewer because you've now connected with the super power within you that was there all along.

It's a process and a practice AND it's available to you. Your breath is here for you. Are you ready to use it in a way that will support your healing and transformation journey? 

If so, I invite you to check out my Breath of Life Bundle. It's a package of three online mini-courses that will support you to step into your inherent worthiness, release limiting beliefs and "yeah buts", and amplify gratitude in your life. 

As you elevate your state through gratitude, embody your worthiness, and release the old stories, you begin to attract what you do want in life. 

And your breath is the healing elixir that will lead you there. 

So check out my Breath of Life Bundle and let go of the yeah buts >>


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